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Schuylkill County fans work security for Super Bowl

Some Eagles fans from Schuylkill County are getting an opportunity of a lifetime to share the field with their favorite team.

POTTSVILLE, Pa. — "Go, Birds!" That's how these Eagles fans from all over Schuylkill County are getting ready to work at the Super Bowl next Sunday.

In addition to working in law enforcement here in our area, all five men have part-time jobs working as security officers for the Philadelphia Eagles.

“In 10 years I've been dispatching, I've never seen a football game. We're underneath the stadium, so I have not watched a live football game or a concert or anything that goes on at the league. So everything I've ever seen has been on TV, so hopefully, I actually get to see the game this time,” said Scott Krater, Apex Security Group Dispatcher.

These men cannot disclose their security assignments, but for America's number one match-up of the year, they are joining a team of 3,000 other employees to heighten security at the big game.

“It's the same process, just on a bigger scale. 69,000 plus people are in the stadium. Scott dispatches us where we have to go or if there's an incident, and it's no different than working in Schuylkill county,” explained Sergeant Charlie Dries from the Schuylkill Sheriff's Office.

“You feel a lot safer with these guys. I mean, I don't go as fast as they do anymore, but I'll get there eventually when I'm called,” Joe Connors, Apex Security Guard, added.

They will be flying to Arizona on Tuesday to also work security for events leading up to the Super Bowl in Glendale. 

“It's neat to see folks like that, celebrities. But then also the players. Any interactions I've had with the players, they've been cordial and very nice,” mentioned Scott Taylor, Criminal Captain at the Schuylkill Sheriff's Office.

The guys say they were planning to work behind the scenes at the Super Bowl regardless of what teams were on the field.

But cheering on their favorite football team while working makes this a dream job.

“You can watch it on TV with the graphics and commentary and stuff. But when you're there, and now I'm getting goosebumps, unless you're there and you just feel the energy of the crowd, it is truly phenomenal,” said Jon Bowman,  Apex Security Group Supervisor.

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, February 12, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

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