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Schuylkill County band is an international sensation

A band that started in Schuylkill County is now getting ready to go on tour internationally, owing its musical success to northeastern Pennsylvania.

TREMONT, Pa. — This is Crobot– A hard rock band known across the United States.

The band has performed in 20 countries and made the Billboard Top 10.

One thing fans may not know is that Crobot got its start in Schuylkill County. 

Lead singer Brandon Yeagley says his music career started by joining the school chorus, taking guitar lessons from his uncle, and playing gigs in Pottsville. 

"I think cutting my teeth in Schuylkill County, and really just playing the circuit that surrounded the Pottsville area and things while I was growing up really carried into today in what I do," said Yeagley.

Crobot debuted in 2011. Band members wrote music and lived together in a house in Tremont.

Members say being based in central Pennsylvania helped them land bigger gigs.

"Everything was really only two hours away. I mean, we could go to New York City, Baltimore, DC, to Upstate New York," Yeagley said.

Even though Crobot is performing all over the world, its music is still inspired by life in Schuylkill County, writing about the hardships people face in central Pennsylvania. 

"We kind of still hold onto that Cold Region mentality of like 'today is the best day and tomorrow might not be here' outlook on life. And I think that has come into a lot of the lyrical formality of what I write about," Yeagley added.

Yeagley hopes his success inspires other local musicians to pursue music professionally and not get discouraged just because they're from a small town.

"Who I am character-wise is because I've had to overcome hurdles of being from a small town and having to prove myself a little more compared to someone from New York City," explained Yeagley.

Crobot will leave in early September to start the national tour in Nashville and then head to Europe at the end of November.

Check out their latest album, "Free This," here.

Check out WNEP’s YouTube channel.  

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