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Proposed drug and rehab facility faces opposition

No decision yet on the plans to turn a former country club into a drug and alcohol treatment facility near Ashland.

ASHLAND, Pa. — The new drug and alcohol treatment facility is proposed for a site in the Fountain Springs section of Butler Township.

The plans led to a packed zoning board hearing, with a lot of opposition to the plan.

"I'm all for a rehab but just not in this area," said Ruby Berger, a Bulter Township resident. 

FireTree Limited is looking to move its current treatment center from downtown Pottsville to a location near Ashland.

Residents shared concerns at the zoning hearing, lack of security, walk-off patients, who leave the facility, and depreciation of property values.

"It scares me because when someone is in need of help and I feel so bad for the people that need the help you don't know what they'll do. you know if your desperate and you run out of there, you're going to run into my yard," said Robyn Green, a Butler Township resident. 

Others are in favor.

"The way you get people to get better is to offer them an opportunity to create a new life for themselves and you're not going to get that by shoving them out of your backyard and into somewhere else," said Kathy Quick, of Butler Township. 

But Ruby Berger who lives next door to the proposed center will feel the effects more than anyone else.

"There are a lot of fo children, everybody built homes here thinking it was going to be a nice quiet neighborhood and they wanna put something like that here no," said Berger. 

No decision was made on whether the facility can open in Fountain Springs.

Another meeting is scheduled for next month, and many of these residents vows, they'll be back.

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