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Getting some exercise and a history lesson

If you live in Pottsville and you're tired of being cooped up, the city has an activity for you.

POTTSVILLE, Pa. — The Pottsville Recreation Commission came up with an idea for people to get outside and moving during the pandemic.

"What we were looking for is something for people to do. Since the governor and secretary of health recommended that people get outside and exercise, we came up with the scavenger hunt," Noralea Matz said.

Every day this month, a riddle or clue will be posted on the Facebook pages of the commission, the city of Pottsville, and the JFK Recreation Facility, hinting at a specific location in the city that has some type of historical context. Then, people are urged to go try and find that spot and post a picture of it in the comment section.

"Instead of just going for your normal walk, go try and figure out what the answer to the riddle is and walk to that place!"

Those who answer the clues will then be entered into a raffle, with winners being announced every Friday.

"We do have a disclaimer on our site that if you get to one of the locations and somebody is already there, to stay back six feet," Matz added.

People can get in some exercise while also getting a history lesson.