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Glitch puts Pottsville Maroons at top of standings, but only for a short time

Almost 100 years ago, the Maroons were stripped of the league championship after a violation. Recently, the NFL's 1925 rankings put the Maroons back on top.

POTTSVILLE, Pa. — Champions again? Maybe just for a few hours.

Standings from the 1925 season on the NFL's website ranked the Pottsville Maroons in first place with 10 wins and two losses over the then Chicago Cardinals.

But that year, the Maroons were stripped of the championship title because of a violation.  

The Cardinals would take it all by two games.

The switch, which turned out to be a glitch in the organization's website, would have changed a standing that has lasted for 97 years.

"They even put the right scores that was even funnier. They took the two games away from the Cardinals that they played illegally to put them on top," said Diana Prosymchck, Schuylkill County Historical Society. "It was pretty funny, and it did make us feel good for a little bit."

Prosymchak says failed attempts were made to get team owners to reconsider the standing.

The only "yes" votes came from the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Diana says hope continues, and people in Pottsville certainly haven't forgotten.

"We love football. I mean, don't bother to talk to us on a Friday night because we are all at the football games. I think bringing this back and livening this Pottsville Maroons back up would really be something for our county," she said.

The year 2025 will mark the 100th anniversary of that game and all drama on the gridiron that came with it.

Diana says the good people of Pottsville will keep trying to get that title even if it takes 100 more years.