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Police Investigating Pellet Gun Shooting Spree

POTTSVILLE, Pa. — Cracked windows and shattered glass, that’s what is left from a pellet gun shooting spree that spanned Schuylkill and Northumberla...

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- Cracked windows and shattered glass, that's what is left from a pellet gun shooting spree that spanned Schuylkill and Northumberland counties.

Kenneth Lucas was working late at his business Arizona Video in Pottsville when shots were fired through the store's front windows.

"What if I would have been standing there at the time? What would have happened? You don't realize exactly how life is short until something like that happens," said Lucas.

Police say 32 businesses and one home in Kulpmont, Ashland, Frackville, Mahanoy Township and Pottsville were all shot at with a pellet gun in the early morning hours on Thursday.

15 of those businesses were in Pottsville including Roma Pizza.

"You come into work first thing in the morning and it's like, 'oh my gosh,' I mean why would somebody do that? What goes through someone's mind - why would you want to hurt someone else?" said Peter Russo, owner of Roma Pizza.

10 miles away from Pottsville, in Ashland, the entire front window of Payne's Flower Shop needed to be boarded up because of this shooting spree. Police in Ashland say eight total businesses were shot at in the borough.

"I've been here 12 years and nothing has happened like this. It's very unusual," said Fabrizio Manganiello of Fabrizio's Pizza.

Fabrizio's Pizza is another business dealing with the aftermath in Ashland, along with Smokin' Joe's Tobacco. Store owners Newswatch 16 spoke to say it's going to cost around $1,000 to fix the broken glass and they're shaken up.

"I haven't even slept yet. I'm still getting over the whole idea of what happened and 15 minutes prior to that I was picking a movie out. I'm sure you know the racing thoughts going through my head," said Lucas.

Police are looking over surveillance video and say it seems the suspect was shooting at the businesses from inside a dark-colored SUV.

So far no arrests have been made.