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Police department offering home deliveries of food, medicine to elderly

Officers won't be bringing items into the homes to maintain social distancing.

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — A police department in Schuylkill County is taking the call of duty one step further during the coronavirus outbreak.

Rush Township police say officers will make deliveries of food and medicine to the elderly who cannot leave their homes.

 A posting on the Rush Township Police Department's Facebook page promotes a service not typically offered by police officers.

The police chief says during this uncertain time of living amid the coronavirus outbreak, his officers can deliver necessary medications and food to the elderly in the community who are not medically able to go out in public.

"Why should we make somebody feel that they can't get what they need or make them feel that they're in jeopardy, putting themselves in danger coming out if they happen to be a high-risk person that has an illness," said Chief Kenneth Zipovsky.

Chief Zipovsky says his officers won't be bringing items into the homes of those receiving deliveries to maintain social distancing.

"(The residents) are going to know that we're coming, we'll be able to contact them by phone," said Zipovsky. "So, this way they can come out and meet us, we can put the item down at a safe distance, make the transaction. This way, we're not bringing anything to those individuals, and they're not bringing anything to us."

The police chief tells Newswatch 16 his officers have made a handful of deliveries of medicine in the community, and that service will continue as long as it's needed.

People at a shopping plaza in Rush Township say it's nice to hear about a police department doing this. They say during this time of social distancing, its these acts of kindness that bring us together.

"I notice that people help people know when before they weren't too helpful, they'll go and do things for people and give them a little bit more than before," said John Deesing, Jr.

"That what it's all about, helping one another, teamwork, always wins," said Bernie Heller.

Anyone in Rush Township who wants deliveries or knows someone who does should contact the Rush Township Police Department at (570) 668-4242.

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