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Cashing in on ATV riders

A borough in Schuylkill County wants to pass an ordinance to bring more ATV riders into town.

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — More off-road traffic could be coming to Minersville.

The Borough council is set to vote on a new ATV ordinance that will allow riders to travel into downtown from the nearby Reading Outdoors ATV park.

Minersville Police Chief Michael Combs says it's a cost-effective way for more people to enjoy the area. 

"You know you're not spending a million dollars to take a trip to a Disney," said Combs in a Zoom interview with WNEP. "You know, you can come here and have it be a reasonable expense, you know, for your permits and whatever else you need to get here."

Bob McClintock of neighboring Seltzer says more people coming to the town is good not just for businesses but the region as a whole.

"Well, it's bringing money into Minersville. They're coming in for the fuel; they're coming in to eat. It just gives them a chance to come in and check the town out and all," said McClintock.

While many people are in favor of bringing ATVs into downtown, others say it's a future problem waiting to happen.

"Where are you gonna park these pieces of junk?" was a question asked by Joe McAvoy of Minersville.

He worries that with ATVs allowed on the roads all year round, more accidents could be happening around town. 

And that no matter how much the rules are enforced, riders will always find a way to break them.

"But everybody's gonna push the limit, oh they won't catch me, oh they won't check me until it happens, and it's too late," said McAvoy

Chief Combs says concerns like McAvoy's have been considered and that if problems arise, justice will be swift.

"We'll deal with any problems that may arise, but when you see the amount of good that's coming from it. And it gives people something to do. Everyone else benefits in the process," said Combs. 

The final vote to decide the ordinance will take place Tuesday night.

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