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Library lending boxes bring books to Girardville

A library in Schuylkill County is making reading more accessible all with the help of high school students.

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — While driving through Girardville, you may spot this box in front of borough hall.

It's a Lending Library box handcrafted by the students at the Schuylkill Technology Center.

The school worked with the Ashland Public Library to put the Lending Library boxes in places where books may not be easily accessible.

“’I can't take you to the library now, maybe next week.’ Hey take a walk down the block there's a library there,” said Gary Glessner, Ashland Public Library Board Vice President

The Lending Library boxes are for everyone to use. Simply find a book you like, take it home, and whenever you're finished with the book, take it back to the box that you got it from so another person can enjoy it too.

”This little girl that loves to read but has no way of getting to this library. And she said I cannot wait to tell this little girl in Girardville and she said she'll be there every day because she loves to read. So that made it,” added Glessner.

Lending Library boxes are also in Gordon and Lavelle. Working with the Schuylkill Technology Center made the project affordable.

“For this program the carpentry students built the boxes, the outdoor power technology students manufactured the post that the boxes are posted on, and then the early childhood education students helped to add the logo signage to the front of the box,” said Shannon Brennan, STC Director.

“Most of the material had been donated. Somebody was cleaning the garage out and found a lot of wood and other things that we needed to build it so that it actually didn't  cost us a thing,” mentioned Glessner.

With the boxes now complete, The Ashland Public Library hopes these boxes help the people foster a love for reading.

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