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Frozen Until Further Notice In Shenandoah

SHENANDOAH — Even though it’s still winter, hoses are out in Shenandoah. Neighbors are using them to help their neighbors who don’t have water...
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SHENANDOAH -- Even though it's still winter, hoses are out in Shenandoah. Neighbors are using them to help their neighbors who don't have water because of frozen pipes.

This is day 12 without water for some residents in Shenandoah and people are saying the water company in the borough won't help them out, so some of those homeowners are taking matters into their own hands.

Danielle Lopez and her two kids have been without water at their Shenandoah home for more than a week. She says the pipes running to the main line on Furnace Street to her home froze up last Saturday. Now almost a week later, she's fed up.

"My son, he's 6, and he says, 'Mom, can I brush my teeth? Do we have water? Can I go in the toilet?' He shouldn't have to be asking those questions," Lopez said.

Lopez has already spent $300 for two different plumbers to come to her home in Schuylkill County. Neither was able to thaw the pipes. She says when she calls the municipal authority of the borough of Shenandoah, she's told she's being put on a list.

The water company told Newswatch 16 it is only responsible if the water main itself freezes and homeowners are accountable for the outside lines leading to the main.

"They don't do nothing. They haven't even offered a gallon of water, a place to get water, nothing!"

People on Furnace Street say with all the water issues, at least they know that their neighbors are nice. One house is letting neighbors on both sides hook up hoses so they can have a little water running through their pipes.

"That's about the only positive thing. I'm not getting nowhere with anybody else but my great neighbor over here."

Down the road a bit, Donna Redmond has been without water since last week. Now, she's getting water from her neighbor Defender Hose Company Number 3.

"The fire company gave us the OK that we could hook up to them, paid $228 for hoses and insulation," Redmond said.

Redmond can take a shower and do dishes, but she doesn't know how long she'll need to use the fire company's water or if they'll charge her for it.

She says she and many other people on the street are hoping for the same thing.

"The main breaks, so they'll come up and fix it. I mean that's our option."

The water company in Shenandoah has crews working on some frozen main lines around the borough, but the office says it is not responsible for those homeowner's outdoor pipes

It's unclear just how many people in the borough don't have water.

For now, the residents just need warm weather to thaw the lines.