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Veterans group coming to the rescue of flood victims

Members of Team Rubicon are in Gilberton helping folks restart their lives after flooding swept through town earlier this month.

GILBERTON, Pa. — You can finally see all of Main Street in Gilberton after the borough was hit hard by flooding earlier this month. While progress has been made, the cleanup for homeowners is ongoing, and now they're getting help from some of America's heroes.

"For us veterans, one of the things we lose when we leave the service is that sense of purpose, that sense of duty. That's one of the things we can find with Team Rubicon. We get to do things that we trained for and it gives us meaning," said Miguel Hernandez, a member of Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon is a veteran-led nonprofit organization. Several members are spending the week in Gilberton, offering assistance and helping to rip apart homes that are deemed uninhabitable because of the flooding.

"It's always a sad situation hearing the stories, but you get a good feeling of sensation out of it as well seeing the face of the homeowners. They're still in a bad spot and position, but seeing that smile, them being able to restart their life is very rewarding," said Jarrett Brown, a member of Team Rubicon.

"It makes a difference when we can respond here and give the residents hope because a lot of times there's nobody else that's willing to provide the help that they need, the type of help that's free, particularly when it's come veterans and first responders," Hernandez added.

Team Rubicon has 15 volunteers in Gilberton this week and will help out whoever needs it.

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