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Floodwaters finally receding in Gilberton

Borough officials called this a man-made disaster, saying it was clogged pipes from a bridge project that caused the flooding.

GILBERTON, Pa. — There is finally some good news as the floodwaters have finally stopped rising in the borough and are now receding.

The borough's main road was washed out on Thursday after heavy rain caused Mahanoy Creek to swell.

However, borough officials called this a man-made disaster, saying it was clogged pipes from a bridge project on Rt. 924 over Main Street is the reason that so much water was left behind.

And although the water is going down, the sentiment in Gilberton is that someone needs to pay.  

"They put pipes over there, never asked anybody about it. Put them it. And now we're here. This is it. Thank you,” said Ed Dawe.

Dawe is 82-years-old and has lived in his house for roughly 60 years.

He doesn't just want the construction company to be held accountable, he knows they will be.

“I know they're going to be held responsible,” said Dawe. “They're going to pay for my place, they're going to pay for it. My furnace is gone. I have no hot water.”

Volunteer fire crews are happy to see that the two super pumps, brought in from New Jersey, did their job.

Credit: WNEP

After working around the clock fighting the flood they are exhausted.

“Last night, about five hours, 55 guys, volunteer firefighter, everybody worked as a team, we got the job done,” said Gilberton Fire Marshal Barry Brassington.

But with the good news, came the bad.

The pumps were shooting water at the railroad tracks across the creek, washing away some of the track's foundation.

The Reading Northern Railroad told the borough to stop the pumps.

"I am not pulling our pumps, I'm going to save houses,” said Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon. “These people are one the biggest ones that were affected by this and there's no way I'm pulling them pumps.”

The mayor said the borough and the railroad company did come to an agreement and the pumps were kept on.

Josetta Galetz and her husband lived through the flood of 2006; for them this flood is most likely their last here in Gilberton.

"Fourteen years ago, we were younger, we were able to clean it up but I don't know if we're able to do it now,” said Galetz.

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