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Eight-year-old selling hand 'Santa-Tizer' to buy presents for needy kids

Flynn Bogue realized he had everything he needed, so he wanted to help out other children whose families are hurting because of the pandemic.

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — Leading up to the holiday season, 8-year-old, Flynn Bogue of Dingman Township looked around and realized how fortunate he was compared to other kids whose families are hurting because of the pandemic.

"I saw that I had everything that I needed and that I wanted, so I thought 'oh, I'll just help kids,'" Flynn said.

From there, an idea was born involving turning his kitchen into a North Pole factory of sorts to produce something that a lot of people are using these days.

"He said 'you know, I hear you and papa talk a lot about people who are losing their jobs because of COVID and that Christmas isn't going to be great for everybody this year,'" Mandy Bogue, Flynn's mom said. "'What if we created our own candy cane scented hand sanitizer and sold it so that I could buy toys for kids whose families were affected by COVID this year?'"

That's when the production of Flynn's hand Santa-Tizer started. 

He reached out to his grandpa who's an artist and made this logo with Santa fittingly wearing a mask. 

Since then, the Bogue family has sent out 500 bottles of Santa-Tizer all across the country, even as far as Alaska to help bring some much-needed cheer to families. 

It's a gesture that really made Flynn's parents proud of him. 

"You hope that you have some type of impact on them," Robert Bogue, Flynn's dad said. "That you download good qualities in them and they become a benefit and asset to society as adults. At eight years old? I'm still blown away. I'm so proud of him. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. His soul is intact."

If you're interested in finding out more about Flynn's efforts, contact Mandy Bogue at: mandib2@aol.com.

Credit: WNEP

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