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The legend of 'Danny the Deer'

A deer made its way into North Schuylkill Elementary School this week. Friday, deer costumes were worn during the Halloween parade.

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, Pa. — The North Schuylkill School District is the home of the Spartans, but "Sparty" may have been temporarily replaced with a new mascot this week.

Move over for, Danny the Deer.

"I got a text message saying there's a deer on the baseball field, see if you can get it out," Zack Weist, who works maintenance at the school said. "So we headed over to the baseball field and sure enough, there was a deer on there. It's not the first time. It happens quite often with the area we live in, but it's definitely a first for it to run out of the field and directly down the hallway with the students and into the school."

Just like that, there was a deer roaming a hallway of North Schuylkill Elementary School.

The school district posting on its Facebook page that Danny the Deer switched from virtual to in-person learning.

He's now become pretty famous here because during the school's Halloween parade deer costumes could be seen.

It certainly goes down as an eventful week here near Ashland.

"It was pretty crazy," Kelsey Somers, who teaches kindergarten said. "I was in my classroom with another teacher planning for the day. There was a lot of commotion in the hallway, we stepped out to find there was a deer right next to us, so we closed our classroom door, so the deer wouldn't come into our classroom. The kids stayed in their seats and the deer got out safely."

"Once it was in here, it was a little hectic because nobody had encountered that before," Weist said. "A little bit of pandemonium and yelling from the kids and stuff, but luckily, the deer didn't turn around or anything, he came straight to the door."

Danny the Deer wasn't in the school long.

He came out of the door and ran quickly into the woods behind the school, so now he'll be able to enjoy it.

Halloween weekend with his friends and family.

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