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Boscov’s Offering Al’s Final ‘Sale of a Lifetime’

POTTSVILLE — It’s been almost two months since the passing of Al Boscov. Even in his final days, he was still working on one final sale for his cust...

POTTSVILLE -- It's been almost two months since the passing of Al Boscov. Even in his final days, he was still working on one final sale for his customers. That sale is happening this week.

In the weeks before his death, he said jokingly he would even try to use his condition to get the best deals from vendors to give his customers the "sale of a lifetime."

Barbara Malewski of Orwigsburg bought a brand new ring Tuesday. It was a gift to herself. This is something, she says, she hardly ever does.

"I came in the door and immediately saw something I liked. I didn't come in for that purpose," Malewski said as she laughed. She was excited to see the deals on the items she did come to buy. The ring she purchased was 50% off.

Malewski came to Boscov's at the Fairlane Village Mall in Schuylkill County Tuesday to check out Al's final sale. For her, it did not disappoint. There are major sales in almost every department this week.

"I've been shopping here for years. It's my favorite store, the value and the quality," Malewski said.

Boscov's is not only her favorite place to shop, but she also has a special memory of the man who started it all. She called customer service one time, only to learn Al was on the other end of the phone getting the problem resolved.

"To talk to you just about something that wasn't a major issue, but just to have that interest in the customer," Malewski said.

The more customers Newswatch 16 talked to Tuesday, the more we realized one thing in common: everyone seemed to have a special memory with Al.

"I met him once, and I said, 'Hello!' He was so nice! I swear he was so nice. He gave me a hug too," Lucy Aungst of Auburn said.

Employees believe it is that relationship Al had with his customers that is bringing so many people to Boscov's this week.

"I can't believe we're having this sale and he's gone. But he's there watching over us," said David Musket, an employee in the fine jewelry department.

Musket has been working at Boscov's for 27 years. He says he's not worried about the future of the department store or his job. He knows Boscov's is in good hands with Al's family.

"I'm always telling people they should come here to work. If they need a job, come to Boscov's. The family really takes good care of their employees," Musket said. "Other department stores are closing their stores. We're opening more stores," he added.

The sale runs through Sunday, April 9.