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Another Tractor Trailer Crash on Gordon Mountain

GORDON — Some people woke up to the sound of a truck crashing into their yard Wednesday in Schuylkill County. And it wasn’t an unfamiliar sound. Gor...

GORDON -- Some people woke up to the sound of a truck crashing into their yard Wednesday in Schuylkill County.

And it wasn't an unfamiliar sound.

Gordon Mountain is notorious for these kinds of crashes.

PennDOT plans to ban all trucks from coming down the mountain soon, but seemingly not soon enough to stop another tractor trailer from barreling down the mountain early Wednesday morning. The crash happened before 4 a. m. Wednesday.

A family that lives at the bottom of the mountain says in the 15 years they've lived there, their property has been damaged at least a dozen times from truck crashes.

"Last summer it was three times right in a row. I've been praying at night and hoping that nothing would happen. Last night it happened," said Carole Cheeseman.

There are many signs warning heavy trucks not to go down Gordon Mountain, but in the 15 years since Cheesman has owned this home just at the bottom of Gordon Mountain, she has dealt with at least a dozen truck crashes.

"I start to fix the house and this happens. It just frustrates. It's not nice what I want to say."

Her home was swiped around 4 a.m. Wednesday when a tractor trailer hauling watermelons barreled through her yard and totaled her parked SUV.

Some residents and officials in Gordon feel all these signs and even a total truck ban without strict enforcement may be pointless.

"We don't have our own police force in Gordon. We subcontract our police force to Butler Township."

Gordon councilmember Jason Quick says Butler Township police and state police do some speed enforcement on the mountain, but they cannot be there as often as needed to send a message to truckers that they need to obey the ban or pay a fine.

He's among some council members calling for the return of a police force in Gordon to help with this. In the meantime, the council plans to ask Butler Township and state police for stricter enforcement of the truck ban on Gordon Mountain.

Last year we reported heavily on the issue with trucks crashing there. In September, there were three tractor trailer crashes in three days.

PennDOT officials even agreed to implement a total truck ban. They are working on getting signage put up and hope to have the ban in place soon, as early as this summer.

There is a ban on trucks weighing more than 19 tons from coming down the mountain.

There is no word from police whether this truck was over that weight limit and still no word on whether the driver has been cited.

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