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School year stress: Mental health experts say they are seeing more of it

Feeling the stress this school year? Experts say it's affecting everyone from students, staff, and faculty to families at home.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Mental health professionals said they are seeing more and more of it: families struggling with all the stress of this school year.

It's affecting from students, staff, and school faculty to families at home.

“Families are feeling the pressure of returning to normal, as we try to define what the new normal is," said family and marriage therapist Emily Pardy. She is the founder of Ready Nest Counseling.

From safety and health worries, mask mandates, learning concerns, and more, the pros said it is key families realize they can and should support each other.

“So much of this is isolating and it feels like you’re the only one. We've got to extend that grace to others too," said Pardy.

Pardy stressed this is all normal: for people to feel overwhelmed right now, but she said feeling that way for an entire school year is not healthy.

It is important to find ways to cope.

“If we’ve learned anything over the last 18 months it’s that we have to be adaptable and just know that it’s ok to change your mind and design something that’s right for your family.”

Pardy said kids are pretty resilient, but it is important for adults to keep an eye on them by checking in regularly to see if they are stressed too.

And if anyone is struggling, getting professional help is key.

And if anyone is struggling, getting professional help is key.

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