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Prominent NEPA Republican joined rally outside U.S. Capitol

Earl Granville, a Republican who ran for congress last year, says he does not condone what happened in D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — It was a chaotic scene in Washington, D.C., as thousands of Donald Trump supporters surrounded the U.S. Capitol where Congress began certifying the electoral victory of President-elect Joe Biden.

Among those in D.C. was retired Army Staff Sergeant Earl Granville, who lost his leg to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan while serving with the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Granville, a Republican who ran for congress last year, says while he voted for Trump, he does not condone what happened in Washington D.C.

"As Republicans, we need to set the example, not lower ourselves to attacks of our opponents. We've seen this time and time and time throughout these four years as President Trump was in office, and now, we're stooping to that level,” said Granville. “And we saw all the riots of the past, what has it accomplished? Nothing. And I have this feeling it's going to be the same way now. And I think we need to be debating ideas on how to help Americans and American families and not worry about who's most loyal to President Trump.”

There were 200 supporters of the President that left the Pittston area by bus to head to Washington early in the morning.

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The trip was organized by Frank Scavo of Old Forge, who says he hoped the event in D.C. would be peaceful.

Scavo was at the rally when it turned into a clash between police and protesters.

He told Newswatch 16, it was too crazy to talk at that moment.

We weren't able to make contact with Scavo since.

As for Granville, he says he left D.C. before the situation escalated but returned to pick up friends who were still there.

We spoke with Granville as he left Washington.

"Everything seems to okay where I was at the moment right now,” said Granville. “But I know it seems like it's getting a little more hectic a few blocks away. You can hear the sirens going off. You can the little bit of drama going on here.”   

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