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From flu shots to vaccinations, tips to calm your kids for shots

How experts say you can make things easier when they have to get immunized

SCRANTON, Pa. — Doctors say the start of the school year and the beginning of flu season make this a busy time of year for vaccines, and of course, in the midst of this health crisis, it is even more so.

"They're hearing about health, they're hearing about the pandemic, and they're hearing about the medical field and preventative care," said Dr. Mary Mason of Little Medical School.

Doctors say, first and foremost, parents have to understand that for some kids, the idea of getting a shot is scary, and with so much talk about the COVID-19 vaccine, there could be even more concerns there, too.

"It's very hard to separate the emotion and what you're seeing in the news and in the newspapers from the actual science. I think it's important to stick with the facts."

Dr. Mason says allowing your younger child to take a stuffed animal or favorite toy along could help.

She adds it is also important for adults to be supportive and honest with kids about what is happening; getting shots is a great moment to teach your child, too, about just what health care professionals do.

"It's very easy to break down these very complex ideas and teach them to kids in a way that's easy for them to understand, and that is something you should do," Dr. Mason said.

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