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Post office problems in Pike County

Many people tell Newswatch 16 they've had a hard time trying to get their mail for months now, and it's because of a lack of employees.

BUSHKILL, Pa. — According to Angelo of Bushkill, he's gone over a week without being able to get his packages at the Bushkill Post Office. 

"It's like living in a 3rd world country. I'm sorry. I know that it sounds bigoted and whatnot, but that's what it is. This has taken us light-years backward, never been like this," said Angelo from Bushkill. 

He's not alone in his frustrations. 

Many people tell Newswatch 16 they've had a hard time trying to get the mail for months now, and it's due to a lack of employees.

Folks say when the office is open, they may have to wait in lines that are hours long. 

"I got $100 worth of special dog food and medicine for my dog that's been sitting here for a week and a half, Ok," Angelo said. "The frustrating part is you can't find out when and if it's going to be open or closed. That's the ridiculous part."

Ron Swartz of Smithfield Township has called several times to figure out why he says it seems nobody is ever there. 

"UPS delivery we don't get cause we live on a private dirt road. So we can't get delivery. So we rely on the post office, you know, and it's, it's a pain," said Ron Swartz, Smithfield Township. 

For several months now, people who use this post office have felt ignored, and they hope with now a new postmaster in place, things will hopefully start to change.

"I'm glad somebody's doing something," Swartz said. "I know there was a postmaster in here, but I don't know what happened to him. I have never seen him doing anything."

Rosemary Brown is the state representative for the area. 

She's been putting a ton of pressure on the postal service to get more help. 

"Enough is enough. It is time that the federal government looks at this and makes a solution. They know there are problems, but now it's getting to the point where the constituents and the residents can't get their mail, can't get their bills, can't get their prescriptions. It's becoming very serious and making impacts on the people," said Representative Rosemary Brown, with the 189th Legislative district. 

Representative Brown believes this is a step in the right direction but says more can be done. 

She's encouraging folks to reach out to their members of Congress in Washington for federal help.

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