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Hundreds vaccinated at drive-thru clinic in Pike County

A collaborative effort between the county, aging agencies, and Pike County Emergency Management helped distribute 500 COVID-19 vaccines.

MILFORD, Pa. — All people had to do was stick their arm out of their car window at Delaware Valley High School in Milford on Saturday.

"I can't believe how thrilled I am, you'd think I won the lottery, we just found out, the lottery ticket was sold in Michigan," said Glinda Uhl of Greeley. 

You wouldn't find any Mega Millions winners here, but people who took part in the drive-thru vaccination clinic say what they received was priceless. 

Pike County Emergency Management put together the clinic to administer 500 Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to seniors and people with underlying health conditions.

The county kept public transportation running over the weekend to make sure everyone had a ride. Officials from the Area Agency on Aging helped register seniors who don't have internet access.

"They've been shut in for almost two months now, and to be able to get a vaccine, it became extremely important," said Robin Skibber with the Pike County Area Agency on Aging. 

"And this was all done within days, between the center, it was teamwork between the center and transportation, that made it happen, they're both fantastic," said Vivian Diasparra of Greene Township. 

The clinic was a trial - the Department of Health hopes to recreate this in other areas across the state. 

"It just went so smooth. One, two, three the questions, everything was lined up. And they're from Wayne County Hospital, our hospital, this is wonderful," said Uhl. 

Everyone who had an appointment for this clinic is expected back in four weeks for the second vaccine dose.

The organizers hope that before then, more vaccines become available. 

"We learned some things in the beginning if this comes around again and we get more vaccine, we're on board to help the seniors," said Skibber.

"They really worked hard for us, and we really appreciate it," said Elaine Kovacevich of Greene Township.