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Brewing Company Releases Beer Inspired by Talkback 16

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Now, you’ll not only be able to listen to Talkback 16 but savor it, too. Inspired by our very own Talkback 16, Wallenpaupack...

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Now, you'll not only be able to listen to Talkback 16 but savor it, too.

Inspired by our very own Talkback 16, Wallenpaupack Brewing Company is out with a limited-edition beer.

Your calls about weather, potholes, and even pronunciations are featured on the cans.

These cans are part of Wallenpaupack Brewing Company's summer line of beers. Owners at the brewing company says the cans won't be around for long, so get them while you can.

You've heard the calls, and now you can grab Talkback Saison right off the shelves.

Wallenpaupack Brewery Company near Hawley created a line of beers based on Talkback 16.

"I love talkback 16 the people are crazy," said Jessica Brown of Hawley.

The light, dry summer ale inspired by Talkback 16 is available in beer cans and on tap at the brewery.

"We were talking one day and my sales manager Sean O'Day came up with this great idea to do a Talkback saison. It is a great segment and we are big fans of it," said Becky Ryman of Wallenpaupack Brewing Company.

Different calls from Talkback 16 are featured all over the can.

"We kind picked some of our favorites and the one we thought about were potholes, the weather, and the different way you guys report. So that was a lot of fun," Ryman said.

Talkback saison was already on the shelves at Lake Region IGA supermarket outside Hawley.

"I am going away this weekend and I think it was a great idea to take advantage of what our northern area has to offer," said Jim Shook of Shooky's Distributors.

"You can go from listening to Talkback calls and now you can drink it. Would be nice if they changed what was on the label periodically because it is funny what people have to say on Talkback," added Jeffery Shook.

This is the first version of Talkback beer and depending on how these sell, we could see a second version.