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Overcoming COVID-19 job loss

An expert says the key to job searching is being flexible and positive.

NEW MILFORD, Pa. — Pennsylvania has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation right now, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and while unemployment claims have been going down, experts said that does not tell the whole story.

"A lot of people are going out and getting these gig jobs like DoorDash or what have you and guess what? They can now not apply for unemployment, so the numbers of claims are going down. A gig is not a job for so many people who are unemployed who had careers," said LT Ladino Bryson, CEO of vCandidates.com.

Job experts said now more than ever, people have to be flexible.

The economy is changing, and there's lots of competition for different positions: so be positive.

"Positivity comes with confidence, if you come in with sort of an Eeyore attitude, it's going to show how you're going to mesh inside of somebody's company culture."

Ladino Bryson said if you are applying for jobs right now, the interviews will likely be done virtually, so make sure you have a strong internet connection, so there are not any glitches when it's time to talk to your potential boss.

"Have your own Zoom account just in case the other person doesn't or some type of virtual meeting account. This way, again, you are highly prepared. Your internet, sound, everything is working."

Bryson added another tip. While you are job hunting, make sure your social media is completely appropriate; check your privacy settings. Employers say they check social media.

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