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Power to Save: Kids Learning About Water in Lackawanna County

PECKVILLE, Pa. —  Pennsylvania American Water’s 8th annual Wonderful World of Water camp is the place to be for kids to learn about all things water...

PECKVILLE, Pa. --  Pennsylvania American Water's 8th annual Wonderful World of Water camp is the place to be for kids to learn about all things water.

"It's a great opportunity to get kids outside. They're learning about water. They're learning about their natural environment. They're having fun and that's the most important part," said Susan Turcmanovich, affairs manager.

This year's camp is held at the Valley Community Library in Peckville. The camp is open to kids ages 7 to 11 and free to all Pennsylvania American Water customers.

"There's so many options now for summer camps. Sports camps are always the big one. This is something that's a little different," said Turcmanovich.

Several organizations send volunteers to the camp to help teach the kids about the water cycle, watersheds, and water treatment.

"I make it real life. I make it very approachable and understandable and by giving them a snapshot of their community. It familiarizes them with things that are happening in their community and what they're seeing in their everyday lives and how that affects the bigger picture," said Casie Berkhouse, Lackawanna College Ecology Center.

Of course, the real test is asking the kids what they learned at camp.

"I'm learning about the water cycle and the pollution that stuff makes," said Chris Fortese.

"The oil from cars going into the river and like cow poop is going into the river and the mud and everything and soil. When it rains it all washes into the river and it pollutes the river," said Dahlia Ciullo.

Mark your calendars as a reminder to sign up for next year's camp. Registration opens July 1, 2019.