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Power To Save: Keeping loved ones alive at The Green Snail

In 2018 we stopped by a shop where one woman's hobby was found to be another person's peace of mind using "upcycling".

Inside a small home studio near New Ringgold, you'll find Trina Schellhammer hard at work taking old clothes.

And transforming them into lasting memories. 

"I was always looking for a hobby.  My husband had his hunting and fishing and softball and I was always the one at home like woe is me. Finally, I had my own thing," said Trina.

Trina is a memory artist and the owner of The Green Snail.

You give her clothes from loved ones who have passed away and she turns that clothing into tasteful crafts.

"It's hard to donate sometimes with those special items because you don't want to see someone walking around with your dad's shirt".

The crafts Trina creates are made using a variety of antique treadle machines. 

"Each machine is so unique and each has its own history".

A treadle is a sewing machine without a motor.

Instead, it uses a foot pedal which drives a flywheel and belt system to make the stitches.

"A lot of times the vintage of the antique machines make a better stitch than the modern plastic machines."

Trina has transformed loved ones' clothes into ornaments, bowls.

"The neat thing about bowls are depending upon how I cut my fabric these two bowls they look totally different but they're from the same shirt," explained Trina.


"It's just a simple pillow but instead of hanging in a closet or being stored in an attic now it's something that people can hold onto."

And more.  Each item is an original and includes an infinity angel.

"The infinity part of it I see that as like never-ending love. Their love never ends even though they're no longer with them. They'll always be with them in their hearts."

If you want to get in touch with Trina or see more examples of her work, you can find The Green Snail on all social media platforms.  

Here's a link to her website.