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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Business

MCADOO — Crystal Wersinger, 21, of McAdoo never thought she’d be mixing up eco-friendly cleaners and starting up her own business. “First it w...

MCADOO -- Crystal Wersinger, 21, of McAdoo never thought she'd be mixing up eco-friendly cleaners and starting up her own business.

"First it went from getting non-toxic products to just using vinegar and natural products because it`s just easier and simpler," said Wersinger.

Wersinger teamed up with her mother to start Green Green Eco Clean Inc., a home and business cleaning service in Schuylkill County. The idea all started in her online business class, but she decided to make it eco-friendly because of her own health issues and wanting to help others.

"I have problems with using toxic products because I have gastritis problems," said Wersinger.

Mom and co-owner Mara Wersinger said she's proud of her daughter's accomplishments, and said she's excited for her business to take off, but for now, Crystal has had plenty of practice around her own home.

"She does most of the house sometimes herself. Without me asking," said Mara Wersinger. "Crystal purchased all of the cleaning supplies in front of me with her own money, investing about $200 into apple cider vinegar, buckets, mops and brooms, and she`s excited to put them to some good use in the community."

"We have a website that I just build, we have a Facebook, I made a twitter, we have a yahoo," said Wersinger.

Wersinger's working to market Green Green Eco Clean Inc. any way she can and is confident she'll build up her client list rather quickly.

"Because it`s different and it`s like the first one in the area that would actually help the people and the animals and the environment and the world," said Crystal Wersinger.

You can learn more about her eco-friendly cleaning service by clicking here.