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Woman Gives Away Presents Days Before Christmas

COAL TOWNSHIP — Call her the “Coal Township Santa Claus,” or just call her by her name, Danielle Stump. Either way, this woman from the Shamok...

COAL TOWNSHIP -- Call her the "Coal Township Santa Claus," or just call her by her name, Danielle Stump. Either way, this woman from the Shamokin area knows the true spirit of Christmas.

A friend gave a large amount of toys to Danielle's 2-year-old daughter, and the young mom knew she did not need everything.

"Since I got it for free, the stuff is brand new. I figured somebody else would enjoy it, too. People deserve to be equal and to give their kids a good Christmas," Stump said.

Since Christmas is only a few days away, Danielle knew she had to act fast if she wanted to give the toys and clothing away for free. So she posted to the Facebook site, "Northumberland County Online Garage Sale" that she was giving away toys for free.

"I had messages upon messages upon messages," Stump said.

Pretty soon the post had around 40 comments. So to be fair, Danielle told everyone to come to her house, first come, first serve.

"Very nice. It's very nice," Roxanne Misner said.

People who saw the post stopped by Danielle's house to get some presents for their children.

"I just appreciate her for doing it because I didn't have it that much this year to get them and I just want it to be a special Christmas for them this year," Edwina Lahr said.

"Things are a little hard this year," Misner said, adding that she has three kids.

Danielle says she wanted to do this and help other people out because she knows what it's like to be in that position where she needed help herself.

"With being a teen mom, I needed help. I was single since day one with it and every little bit counts when you're a single mother," Stump said.

Danielle believes paying it forward is what the holidays are all about.