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Urgent care facility opens near Mount Carmel

It just became a little easier to get medical care in one part of Northumberland County.

MOUNT CARMEL, Pa. — People who live in lower Northumberland County now have more options when it comes to medical care. An urgent care clinic and a doctor's office opened this week just outside Mount Carmel.

Geisinger Convenient Care Mount Carmel is now open seven days a week.

"We're already seeing double-digit patients. Yesterday we saw 20 people," said Geisinger nurse Karyl Moser.

Moser says an urgent care facility was badly needed in the Mount Carmel area because if patients couldn't see their doctors, they would visit the emergency room near Shamokin which, many times, was unnecessary.

The next closest convenient care facility is in Danville, which is about a half-hour away.

"Going to a different town, especially down in Danville, trying to get out of there, especially at four o'clock or something," said Albert Woodward, who lives in Mount Carmel and is excited about the new facility.

"Oh, it will be marvelous, very convenient. Not only for me but for other people who can't get out of town. It's great."

Moser says convenient care is a great place to come for minor health issues.

"If you have a cough, a cold, you think you have a sinus infection, people who think they might have the flu, we can see that."

The new clinic is located along Route 61 right outside of Mount Carmel.