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Sunbury prepares for flooding from Tropical Storm Ida

Officials in Northumberland County were out on Tuesday ahead of heavy rain expected on Wednesday.

SUNBURY, Pa. — On Tuesday, a flood control crew in Sunbury checked a pump station on Front Street, ahead of rain expected from Tropical Storm Ida. Crews spent the day preparing stations, filling gas tanks, and making sure everything is working properly before the rain starts.

"Turn the lights on, bump them, making sure they're operating, and the power is all there. Cleaning closure structures which we did this morning, the street receptacles so that if we do have to install them, it's just a quick open up and dump them in," said Jeff Lewis, manager of Sunbury Municipal Authority's flood control department.

Lewis showed us around his headquarters, which serves as a home base for monitoring flooding. Lewis can keep an eye on the weather models, river levels, and how the equipment is doing.

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"Literally, this is our job. This is what we eat, sleep, and drink. We are prepared for it in what we think is the best possible way."

Sunbury's street department was out clearing the city's catch basins.

"We're out with our street sweeper making sure they're all clean. We're also making sure all of the brush is picked up around town, so when the water does come, those things are getting picked up and not clogging them up during the rainstorm. We don't want that to happen," said Josh Brosious, a member of Sunbury city council.

Officials are expecting significant rainfall from Tropical Storm Ida. Parts of Sunbury, like the Raegan Street underpass, are prone to flooding, and people should be careful.

"If you see water stagnant, don't feel as if you can drive through it. Please go a different direction because if your car does get stuck, you're not only putting yourself at risk, you're also putting the emergency personnel coming to rescue you at risk as well," said Brosious.

Officials say they will be monitoring the situation around the clock. The flood control manager says they are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

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