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Smoke clears for festival but fireworks get canceled

The Turbotville Area Community Carnival had to cancel the planned fireworks because of lingering dry and smoky conditions.

TURBOTVILLE, Pa. — "It's a good place to come out to, to see some friends and get to eat some good food," said Jacob Troup of Danville.

The ninth annual Turbotville Area Community Carnival got off to a slow start when smoke from Canadian wildfires led to smaller crowds.

It's not been overly busy. Last evening that hill behind you, you couldn't see it," said John Wolfe, carnival committee member.

Skies were clearer Thursday night, and the crowds returned.

But organizers had to cancel the planned fireworks because of lingering dry and smoky conditions.

"It sounds to me like the weather is going to get better each day, and then Saturday, it looks like it's going to be great," added Wolfe.

"All the kids usually come after graduation, which fell last week this year, but it's the main event of the year for the town beside the August Fest," said Gus Jones of Turbotville.

After a couple of rounds of Ski ball, Jones told us the smoke-filled sky had pretty much gone away.

This made for a great night to come out with his family.

"No, I think it's all leaving pretty much the way it seems, so it didn't seem too bad today, so we weren't worried about it," said Jones.

A couple stands away boy scouts from Troop 622 

Scoutmaster Duane Knopp uses this stand to raise money for his troop.

"I mean, I understand the fireworks are canceled tonight. You know, it's kind of a bummer, but I understand with the whole how dry it is plus the smoke the reasoning behind it, so it might limit how many people come out, but I don't think it'll affect us too much," Knopp said.

Committee members say no matter the weather, the Turbotville Area Community Carnival will continue on until Saturday.

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