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Looking back on Hurricane Agnes in Northumberland County

It's been fifty years since Hurricane Agnes wreaked havoc on our region and beyond. One town in Northumberland County is taking a look back.

MILTON, Pa. — Photos hanging on the walls inside the Cameron house in Milton show the devastation from the flood of 1972 brought on by Hurricane Agnes; an event many have only heard stories of. But for Dixie Powell, the flood of 1972 is an experience she'll never forget.

"I had listened to John Yuenling on the radio and it poured and poured and poured for days. I knew it was coming, I had my children we took everything up top the second floor, everything on the first floor went up the water when it crested was within 8 inches of being on the second floor," said Powell, moved to Milton in 1961.

The Milton Historical Society is showcasing 50 years worth of artifacts. Deb Owens curated the exhibit.

"These are all from our archives, we have quite an extensive collection of all kinds of items so these all came from the archives except for a few photos from the standard newspaper," said Owens, Milton Historical Society.

Ned Germini explains at the time he lived in Mahoning Manor, away from the Susquehanna River. He recounts the moment he heard the flood waters begin to fill his home.

"I'm thinking where is this coming from? I mean it's not like a sink overflowing it was a gusher. So I went downstairs and here our cement floor which was probably 12-16 inches thick, it had come up into a volcano and water was gushing out," said Germini, Milton resident.

Despite the destruction, one thing sticks out to each one of these people. The way the community of Milton came together during that time of devastation.

"All I remember having just come to Milton, I was amazed at the spirit of the people. They didn't wait for government help, the very next day after the water receded people were downtown in their homes cleaning the mud," said Nancy Slease, lived in Milton for 42 years.

"People that never knew each other got to be close friends, they saw that when you get down in the muck day after day after day- they became true friends," said Germini.

The Milton Historical Society will host another open house next month.

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