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Long Wait for Renovations Is Over at Municipal Building

POINT TOWNSHIP, Pa. — The Point Township Municipal Building along Ridge Road has many purposes. The community’s police department is located there a...

POINT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The Point Township Municipal Building along Ridge Road has many purposes. The community's police department is located there along with the road department and tax office. The building is in need of major repairs. That's something township officials have been trying to get done for years.

"I put it in the budget 20 years ago when Merle Phillips was still our legislator," township supervisor Montie Peters said.

Now, the municipal building near Northumberland will be remodeled soon, thanks to $500,000 in state grant money.

"We use this building very heavily. Some of the most important things that happen are about to become a one-stop shop for the taxpayers," Peters said.

First, a new facility will be built for Point Township's road department because flammable materials are stored in the current municipal building, making it a fire hazard.

"We're going to get them out, get the road department expanded into the back of the property. The beauty of that is it instantly doubles the square footage of the township offices," Police Chief Josh Vankirk said.

The police department will also be remodeled, and new office spaces will be built.

The Point Township Sewer Authority is currently located inside a trailer, but once the renovations are finished, it will be located inside the main building.

"They walk in the door and anyone they want to see is here in this building ready to help them out," Vankirk said.

Vankirk says the new building will be more energy-efficient.

"And the back end of that looks really great for the taxpayers because we can cut the cost moving forward by at least half, so that's a big savings," Vankirk said.

Point Township officials expect the project to be finished by the end of next year.