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Girl spends birthday money on high school seniors

A fourth-grader used her birthday money to buy presents for high school seniors who were supposed to graduate on Tuesday.

SHAMOKIN, Pa. — Senior class pictures hang in front of Our Lady of Lourdes Regional School near Shamokin.

Sixteen seniors were supposed to graduate on Tuesday, but the ceremony was postponed until July because of COVID-19.

"It's really sad for us because we worked so hard," Anna Gownley said.

Some of the senior class gathered outside the school for a surprise.

Malibu Belgio, age 9, bought them presents.

"I don't know I felt like making more people happier in the world," Malibu Belgio said.

Malibu is a fourth-grader at the school and turns 10 next week. She had big plans for a birthday party.

"It got canceled because of COVID, and there's really nothing to do now because everything is closed," Malibu said.

Malibu asked her parents if she could use her birthday party money to buy the seniors at her school presents since their milestone event was also canceled.

"So it could make them happier, and I didn't have anything to do, and I thought I would make someone else happier because at Lourdes, they teach us how to do that," Belgio said.

Each senior got a gift bag with candy, a picture frame, and a gift card.

"It made us so happy.  It's so nice of Malibu to do that for us. It really made our whole day because today was supposed to be our graduation. It was a little sad this morning, but this really brightened our day," Gownley said.

The seniors say they will never forget Malibu's kindness.