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Funeral home in Northumberland to be auctioned off

You can bid on items inside the former Jerry Wirt Blank Funeral Home.

NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. — The oldest building in Northumberland will soon be auctioned off, and it happens to be a funeral home.

Jeffrey Dunkelberger has been an auctioneer for more than 30 years. He's auctioned off many items and buildings but says this listing in Northumberland is one of the more unique ones.

"The home was built in 1772. It's the oldest property in Northumberland," said Dunkelberger. "It's been a funeral home since 1927."

This was an active funeral home until about a month ago. The Jerry Wirt Blank Funeral Home recently closed after its longtime funeral director and property owner died.

Everything inside is currently being auctioned off.

"Everything that was in the funeral home that they would have had, collectibles, but also we have all of their personal belongings," Dunkelberger said.

There are currently more than 600 items for sale, including appliances, trinkets, and mortuary equipment.

"All kinds of artwork and marble-top furniture and decorative items all the way to the original embalming bottles and tools," Dunkelberger said.

The building itself will be auctioned off on June 2. It has 44 rooms.

"And the cupola is the fifth floor to make it supposedly the highest building in Northumberland in the day," Dunkelberger said.

Dunkelberger hopes someone turns the building into a bed and breakfast or a high-end rental property.

The auction ends Thursday night, but there is still time to check it out if you click here.

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