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Fighting for Bryan: Facebook fundraiser helps man fighting ALS

A man from Sunbury is struggling against a difficult disease and needs a van to make traveling easier. Members of the community are pitching in to help.

SUNBURY, Pa. — It has been a difficult year and a half for Bryan Erb of Sunbury. In November of 2019, he started having pain in his left hand.

"I thought it was carpal tunnel, but then in February, it started affecting my speech," he recalled.

In April 2020, Bryan got the diagnosis he'd been dreading: ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

ALS affects the nervous system. It weakens muscles and impacts physical functions.

Bryan is losing strength, and it's difficult for him to talk.

"We just felt like we wanted to reach out to Bryan, see what we can do to help him out," Ron Frost said.

Frost and Jeff Farrow have known Bryan for a long time. The two recently started a Facebook fundraising page called "Fighting for Bryan." They are selling t-shirts, cookies, and more.

"In one hour, we sold over 100 dozen of cookies," Farrow said.

The two are trying to raise $20,000 to buy Bryan, a husband and father of two, a van for when he can no longer walk.

"Have to rely on a wheelchair to get me around easier," Bryan said.

"We're praying for a miracle and that he won't even have to worry about this. But if it does continue, then he's going to have to have something to allow him to get around a little easier," said Farrow.

The outpouring of support is something Bryan will never forget, and he says it's overwhelming.

For his friends, helping Bryan is a no-brainer.

"He just would make people laugh. People loved working with him," Frost added. "Always made everyone happy, and we love him."

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