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Dinosaur bone unveiled in Sunbury

A six-foot dinosaur bone was unveiled at Chief Shikellamy Elementary School Wednesday morning.

SUNBURY, Pa. — Make no bones about it—the fourth graders from Chief Shikellamy Elementary School in Sunbury love dinosaurs. In fact, the school has a six-foot diplodocus femur on display.

"It was here thousands of years ago, and we get to see it," said fourth-grader Lianna Curry.

The femur was donated by Barry and April James, who own Prehistoric Journeys outside Sunbury. Barry is a paleontologist who puts together dinosaur skeletons. On this day, he unveiled a second six-foot bone. He and the students would like to donate that to the United States Capitol in Washington DC.

"It will be like a center point for all families around the world to bring their children and touch the real thing. You can't touch it in a museum," Barry James said.

The students wrote letters to U.S. senators asking them to allow the femur to be displayed in the Capitol.

"No other children get to see a dinosaur bone, so now when this goes to the Capitol, everyone else will," said fourth-grader Landon Lawrence.

"It's amazing to think how big these creatures are, and they were actually living at some point. I want some kids to have the opportunity to be fascinated with them, too," said fourth-grader Delaney Strouse.

"It means something to the children, and if it means something to the children, it should mean something to our parents and our official leaders," James added.

To be displayed at the U.S. Capitol, the Senate and House must approve it.

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