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New study sheds light on how many Pennsylvanians vaccinate

As companies rush to make an effective vaccine for COVID-19, a new study finds Pennsylvanians may be more likely to get it than others.

OLYPHANT, Pa. — Which states vaccinate the most? That is what researchers were trying to find out.

Their findings in a new WalletHub study revealed that Pennsylvania ranked 12th in the nation for the number of children, teens, and adults who vaccinate.

“Pennsylvania ranked 12th overall, so it’s the 12th most state that vaccinates, and that’s relatively across the board. It did top 10 when it comes to children and teens. It came in 17th when it came to overall influencing factors, and it was 20th when it came to adults and the elderly, so we do see things kind of fall off the older people get," said WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzalez.

Number one was Massachusetts, followed by Vermont, then New Hampshire as the states where people vaccinate the most.

Mississippi ranked last.

Most northeast states were toward the top of the list, except for New Jersey, ranked 49th.

“We do see New Jersey and New York fall into the bottom half here I think as more anti-vaccination sentiment starts to grow," said Gonzalez.

The study also tallied the numbers of children, teens, and adults without health insurance and more.

So in a state like Pennsylvania, would more people be likely to use a COVID-19 vaccine when it is safely developed? Researchers believe it is hard to tell.

“I think Pennsylvania will be a very interesting case to see if adults and older people are willing and at the forefront of getting a vaccine when it becomes available.”

A recent survey found that even when there is a vaccine available for COVID-19, one in three Americans won’t get vaccinated even if it is free.

Click here for the WalletHub study.

So would you get the COVID-19 vaccine when it comes out? Would you do it right away or wait for more testing?

Many of our viewers sounded off Thursday morning.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey shared what was on many of your minds from our Digital Studio in the video below.