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Vegan Cafe to Replace Old Hot Dog Diner

DANVILLE, Pa. — If you live in Danville, you might recognize a bright green building on Mill Street. If you’ve lived here a long time, you might rem...

DANVILLE, Pa. -- If you live in Danville, you might recognize a bright green building on Mill Street. If you've lived here a long time, you might remember what used to be inside. It was Pappas Restaurant, a diner known for its hot dogs, but now there are new owners.

“We're going to change the menu, which some people aren't happy about. But we encourage people to try new things,” owner Christian Force of Danville said.

The old diner has been closed for years. And the new owners aren't new to owning a business here on Mill Street in downtown Danville. Christian Force and his fiancé Shannon own Altera Life Health Club just a few doors down. Here, they focus on personal training and plant-based nutrition.

“Through the process of helping people learn how to eat plant-based, the big question is, where do I go. Unfortunately, the area is limited,” Force said.

Now, that's about to change. The new spot will be called the PB & J Bar, a 100% vegan plant-based and juice bar.

“A lot of breakfast, lunch, a lot of to go things, a quick grab and go. We will have a fresh juice bar, smoothies, acai bowls, things like that,” Force said.

While a lot of things, like the menu, will change, the new owners think it's important to keep some things the same.

“Some of the decoration things like that. We want to keep some of that old tradition. So hopefully when people come in, they'll recognize some of the old, but with a little spruced up feel to it,” Force said.

Force and his fiancé say after years of being closed, buying the building is a good thing for Danville.

“Danville is all about new growth. The town, the borough, is very positive about new businesses and people growing, taking an old building and redoing it. So, our business is just one of a few that are going to be opening in the new year,” Force said.

The new owners hope to have the renovations complete and be open by February.