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More Money Needed to Keep Montour Preserve Open

DERRY TOWNSHIP — A popular recreation area in Montour County was almost forced to close if $100,000 wasn’t raised. The community pulled together, wh...
montour preserve

DERRY TOWNSHIP -- A popular recreation area in Montour County was almost forced to close if $100,000 wasn't raised.

The community pulled together, which means it will stay open next year, but now there are questions whether there will be enough money to keep for the Montour Preserve open in the future.

David McCollum of Derry Township considers Lake Chillisquaque in the Montour Preserve a staple of the community.

"It brings a lot of people into the area. They come here to picnic and they have family reunions, and, you know, all kinds of programs, and I'm sure it helps the economy a little bit around here," McCollum said.

That's why a few months ago he was worried about how long the recreation area near Washingtonville would stay open.

In the spring, Talen Energy took over a nearby power plant and the preserve. The change of ownership meant the Montour Preserve would lose its programs and recreational areas if enough money wasn't raised.

"They gave us until June 1 of this year to come up with a plan to operate the preserve. Through the month of May, we were able to come up with $118,000 to operate and maintain the preserve for one year, and a little bit more than one year," Bob Stoudt of Montour Area Recreation Commission said.

Now the preserve needs to raise $100,000 every year if they want to keep the recreation area open to the public. That's $1 million for another 10 years.

People who come to the Montour Preserve say it's a busy place in the spring and the summer. If the organization doesn't raise the money they need every year, all of that could change.

"It's going to be people making volunteered donations, either labored or help us get things done. Financial donations can help us pay the bills and every way we can get help we're going to need it," Stoudt said.

If you would like to help the Montour Area Recreation Commission with its efforts in fundraising for the Montour Preserve you can visit their website for more information.