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Last-minute shoppers head to grocery stores

It's been a busy day for grocery stores as people pick up last-minute items for Thanksgiving dinner.

DANVILLE, Pa. — It was all hands on deck at Weis Markets in Danville. The day before Thanksgiving is traditionally a busy one.

"Some odds and ends for Thanksgiving. Stuff we need that I forgot to get at the store," Anette Shutte said.

All of the check-out lanes were open to cut down on wait times. Many shoppers only needed a handful of items.

"We're just getting last-minute things that I thought I had and didn't, so we're going to do that before I have to get on the clock for work," Deb Hoover said.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a trip to the grocery store. Deb Hoover of Danville brought her grandson Kade.

"I was trying to get everything prepared ahead of time, so I don't have to rush tomorrow because I have to work late tonight. Just trying to get it done as soon as I can," Hoover said.

Jackie Nash of Danville did not want to spend much time here.

"Picking up a few last-minute things because we're having Thanksgiving with my 99-year-old mother," Jackie Nash said.

Nash is driving to New York to see her mother.

"We have other people contributing to the dinner, so we don't have to take everything up there and cook it. Hopefully, we'll be prepared when we get there," Nash said.

Despite nationwide supply chain issues, people we spoke with said they found everything they needed here at Weis Markets in Danville. 

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