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Former Danville-area hotel torn down

The Days Inn had been vacant for about eight years.

MONTOUR COUNTY, Pa. — The former Days Inn hotel near Danville has seen better days. It's been vacant for nearly ten years, but officials say the hotel's owner stopped putting money into it around 2000.

"It's really just beyond being salvaged. It needs to come down. It has been an eyesore for a long time. It will make way for great new development, and it's really going to usher people into Danville," said Jennifer Wakeman, executive director of DRIVE, an economic development group in central Pennsylvania.

Wakeman is happy to see that the former hotel is being torn down.

"They're going through section by section, pulling everything out and separating it so things that can be recycled will be recycled, will be scrapped," Wakeman said.

Wakeman says the owners plan to put another hotel on the property, with more development expected.

"Restaurant of some sort, probably a national chain. And I believe a mini strip mall, three to four commercial retail locations," Wakeman said.

Wakeman hopes this will encourage other nearby business owners to invest in their properties.

"It's right at the doorstep of Danville. 'Welcome to Danville!' This we think is going to be the first domino to fall, a positive effect going forward," Wakeman said.

The demolition is expected to take several months.

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