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Florists deliver smiles despite COVID-19

Earlier this week, Governor Wolf said florists can again make deliveries, but they must be touchless deliveries.

DANVILLE, Pa. — Scott Edwards is the owner of Scott's Floral in Danville, and he rarely goes out on deliveries. Because of the order to shut down non-essential businesses, Edwards had to lay off employees.

"We're running with my wife, my one daughter, and I'm out delivering. So we're doing whatever we can to make it work," Edwards said. 

Earlier this week, Governor Wolf said florists can again make deliveries. As Edwards explains, they must be touchless deliveries.

"We deliver it.  We ring the doorbell. We leave the flowers or plant on the doorstep and walk away. Many times I'll call first to make sure it is the right place," Edwards said.

Edwards says this comes at a good time for him and other florists, as Easter is a big holiday for flower companies. Even so, all but one of the churches he works with canceled this year.  

"These poor greenhouses, they have thousands and thousands of plants that have been in the greenhouse since September," Edwards said.

In addition to Easter Sunday services, proms have been canceled, while graduations and weddings have been postponed. This affects florists, as all of these events involve flowers. Edwards says he and other florists would love to brighten people's days, especially at this time.

If you're thinking about ordering flowers, just realize they may not have everything you're looking for. Edwards suggests calling your local florist and asking what they have in stock and ordering flowers over the phone.

"The flowers are a little scarce right now. There's not a lot coming right now from either California or South America. But there are local sources.  I have a local source that does Gerber, snapdragons, and lilies," Edwards said.

Edwards and other business owners are looking forward to everything going back to normal.  

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