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Farmers donate to Ronald McDonald House

Farmers donate nearly $20,000 in money, food, and household items.

DANVILLE, Pa. — This shed outside the Ronald McDonald House near Danville is filled with food as well as cooking and cleaning supplies.  Much of the stash came from the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

"We partnered with them 22 years ago and started this collection to help them out," Bonnie Beck said.

The Ronald McDonald House celebrated Farmers Care Day.  Farmers and students from 13 counties collected nearly $20,000 in money, food, and household items. 

The group delivered that donation to the house near Danville.

"We raised money to give to the sick children," Alex Johnson said.

"All my churches are very responsive.  I have FFAs who take care of their whole schools, and other counties do as well," Beck said.

More than 13,000 people stayed at the Danville Ronald McDonald House last year, so donations like this go a long way.

"That's a gift that keeps giving, really," Michelle Showers said.

Michelle Showers spent 15 weeks at the Ronald McDonald House last year and is on her second week this year, all while her son is in the hospital.  She appreciates the donation.

"Often people bring in food, so we don't have to worry about cooking.  Our focus can be on our children that are at the hospital," Showers said.

Over the last 22 years, the farm bureau has donated more than $1 million to Pennsylvania's Ronald McDonald Houses.

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