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Warrior Pride on display as East Stroudsburg University homecoming returns

The event is popular on and off campus and folks are happy it's back after the pandemic hiatus.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Storefront windows are once again painted with Warrior Pride. Banners at East Stroudsburg University are on full display.

Homecoming events are planned all weekend long, and students can't wait.

"To be able to see people and interact with friends that we haven't seen in so long and be able to step back away from school and be able to have a fun time, get away from our schoolwork for once," said Mickayla Grow, a grad student at ESU.

Like most events last year, ESU's homecoming was canceled because of the pandemic.

Students say the campus is slowly but surely returning to a normal they remember and being able to host homecoming is a big deal.

"The campus isn't back to what it used to be, but with homecoming, it's getting a lot of buzz, and more people are gathering and looking forward to it," said senior Patrick Barcavag.

Celebrations start Friday with ceremonies for alumni, sporting events, and a bonfire.  On Saturday, tailgates and football games are on the agenda.

"It's always lots of fun. We have a homecoming king and queen, and they have a big court and all the clubs and activities that come together and really make it a big event," Barcavag said.

Local business owners are also excited about homecoming. Britton Detrick, the owner of Renegade Winery, says he's more than ready to have people come in, sit back, and sip.

"We participate in everything in town. I don't think there's anything that we say no to, really. When I took the building over, before this, it was a community center, and people were worried I was going to shut it down. I told everyone I promise it will always be open for everyone, and I am just keeping my promise."

East Stroudsburg University is scheduled to take on Millersville at ESU. Kickoff is planned for 2:05 p.m.

You can find an alumni and university tailgate at Zimbar outdoor courts.

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