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Students in Monroe County now learning sports online due to coronavirus

The U.S. Family Taekwondo Center and Pocono Dance Academy are keeping their digital doors open and teaching their students online via Zoom.

The U.S. Taekwondo Center in Mount Pocono may have a closed sign on their door, but inside, it's very much alive.

Grand Master Kyong Kim whose been teaching taekwondo for nearly two decades, says after he switched to online classes three weeks ago, students have adjusted to online learning very quickly.

"First, second, or few times or beginning times, they are not comfortable. But fourth, fifth or sixth, they are getting better, and I'm getting better also because you're adjusting to the online classes now."

The U.S. Taekwondo Center isn't the only school that's teaching kids online. The Pocono Dance Academy has turned to technology to continue to teach their kids.

Owner and dance teacher Myriah Harper says that being in contact with the parents has been extremely helpful in making sure that kids are showing up to class.

"I have been in contact with them and communication so that the children are available and that their time carved out, where they can continue their training with me," said Harper.

Both instructors say while teaching students online is their new normal, they know their kids are still learning, even from the comfort of their own home.

Although tuition isn't coming in right now, both schools have continued to provide services. They believe that as long as they are teaching, the students are getting something good out of it.

"At least, I'm teaching, so let's see, I don't know when I close my school, but until I close my school, I'll do my best," added Master Kim.

"I have continued with classes, so I feel like they're actually getting part of a service," said Harper. "Once April rolled around, you know when my customers asked if they should pay, like what's happening, I said there's no way I can charge you for a service that I'm not providing."

While things aren't so normal these days, both the taekwondo center and the dance academy have made it a point to have their students get back into a set routine.