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Some Halloween candy in short supply

Some of your favorite candies might be hard to find this year, and that's no trick. Gummies and other sweets are on the shortage list.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — There are barrels and barrels of candy to choose from inside the Country Kettle Outlet near East Stroudsburg.

On Tuesday, a couple from Massachusetts was stocking up on the kinds that are sure to stick to your teeth and gums.

"I have sharks, some coke bottles. I have watermelon bears," said Corey Bernardo.

The gooey goodness is good any time of year, but it's a go-to treat for many people at Halloween.

This year, some of your favorite gummies and other candies could be hard to find, and that's no trick.

"Gummies are definitely an issue. Goetze's Carmel Creams are an old-fashioned favorite, and it's been impossible to get it in," said Pam Schrenko, owner of the Country Kettle Outlet.

There's no shortage of candy up and down the Country Kettle Outlet aisles. The owner tells us she does a pretty good job substituting if there is something you're looking for that's not here.

Schrenko says this has been a trying time.

'We are definitely seeing shortages from companies for all different reasons. Some just truck it in, others because of employees," said Schrenko.

Joseph and Joan Lange from Philadelphia come to Country Kettle a few times a year.  They aren't surprised to hear some candies are in short supply this year; shortages are happening all over.

"Supermarkets are empty. It's going to be, there are not enough truck drivers, everything is being held up at ports, and nothing is being unloaded. It's understandable almost."

Schrenko tells us that the kid in a candy shop mentality doesn't just go through Halloween. The sweet stuff is also popular, especially at Christmas, as many people use it to make gingerbread cookies and houses.

So, if you missed out on a fall favorite, call ahead and order your winter favorites, so you have what you need on time.

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