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Saving your plants from summer heat

With temperatures in the mid-90s today, gardeners are offering tips on how to keep your flowers from wilting in the summer sun.

BLAKESLEE, Pa. — The heat can be especially harsh on plants and gardens. That's why employees at the Selig Center near Blakeslee say they have to use lots of water on their plants.

"We have to water a lot deeply, so they'll just give a sprinkle. It's best to water in the morning or late afternoon, evening if you can, but here we have to do it during the day," Barb Kohv, a Selig Center employee, said.  

Kohv says other than watering, there are other things you should consider.

"Fertilizer is not a good thing in the hot weather. And then as far as your insecticides and fungicides, in the morning or early evening, so not during the sunny parts of the day. And if you have hanging baskets, if they're in the sun, you can move them to a shady spot, so that'll help too," Kohv said. 

While some plants like the heat, others may not. And employees here at the garden center said it's important to research your plants.

"Certain ones flower, like the Dahlias, will flower more in the heat and the hydrangeas. They like the heat," Selig Center employee Melissa Loureiro said. 

Employees said watering depends on what type of plants you have and their location.

"The soil should be dark, but you just want to stick your finger in like an inch and a half down and make sure it wet down there too, not just on top. And you can put mulch on top to keep some of the moisture in the soil," Loureiro said.

The garden center employees said the more mature a plant is, the better off it will be to withstand the heat. 

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