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Restaurants busy with take out and deliveries

On what would normally be a busy Friday night, some are scrambling for every customer they can get.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — Delivery drivers were working overtime on Friday night at Tony’s Restaurant and Pizzeria in East Stroudsburg. Customers were ordering take out and delivery as they stay at home because of the coronavirus. “It's very overwhelming. Pickups, deliveries, deliveries, especially. I have double the drivers I usually do and we're going in a thirty minute radius,” Thomas Guiffre, owner of Tony’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, said. Meanwhile at Kasa’s Pizza near Mount Pocono, a pizza pie comes with something that may be hard to find at the grocery store: a complimentary roll of toilet paper!

“No toilet paper in the stores anymore, so, you get pizza with it make it a deal it's all in one,” Mason Deaton of Barrett Township said.

“I woke up and I thought to myself, we have pizza, we have toilet paper and everybody needs toilet paper so we figured we would just sell them together,” Kasa’s Pizza owner Dave Buchter said.

At the Frogtown Chop House nearby, one chef swapped out his apron for a bunny costume to show passing drivers that the gourmet restaurant is still open! The Frogtown Chop House is serving its menu at 30-40 percent off with curbside pick up.

“We are still doing gourmet food but at curbside prices because we've had to minimize all of our costs but the quality is still the same,” Lyman Winner, co-owner of the Frogtown Chop House, said.

“My own attitude is I want to pick the places that I'm loyal to and show up to them on a regular basis because that's the deal man, we're all in this together,” David Copeland said.

The owners at Tony’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, Kasa’s Pizza, and the Frogtown Chop House all said they will continue doing take out and deliveries for as long as they possibly can, until they are allowed to go back to business as usual.