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Restaurant owners looking for staff as restrictions ease

Restrictions on bars and restaurants will ease up a bit next month and while it's good news for those business owners the rush is now on to hire back help.

MONROE COUNTY, Pa. — April 4th is Easter Sunday. It's also the day where people in Pennsylvania can sit at a bar for a drink without ordering food. The curfew for removing those drinks will be gone, too.

Indoor dining capacity will be raised to 75 percent for those restaurants that are currently self-certified.

"They are going to be able to open up bar service again. That's good for restaurants and now everyone will be able to go back to work," said James Connelly, Albrightsville.

Yes, workers. They can come back too, and that's why "help wanted" signs are now visible in the windows of bars and restaurants.

Rick DeFino owns The Original Pocono Pub and Grill.

"I know in a couple of weeks, my business is going to grow just from that. We have a new executive chef start on Sunday. I beefed up the kitchen staff. We are bringing up the front-of-the-house staff as well. We are looking forward to slowly getting back to regular business," said DeFino.

Restaurant owners tell Newswatch 16, the rush is on to get enough staff, especially as the weather starts to break and more people will be sitting outdoors.

Barry Lynch owns Newberry's Yard of Ale on Main Street in Stroudsburg. He had to change the way his restaurant operates throughout the last year because of a lack of employees.

"Our kitchen before the pandemic, we had five chefs in the kitchen and we now have two. We have a third one hopefully starting today. It's not easy. I know all of my colleagues, all the restaurants in town are all looking for help, every one of them and not just in the restaurant businesses, in all businesses," said Lynch.

Restaurant owners tell Newswatch 16, they have been using job application websites to find help.