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Pro-choice rally held in the Poconos

The battle over abortion rights continues to make headlines across the nation and here at home.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Standing up for women's rights, a crowd of people took over the center of Courthouse Square in downtown Stroudsburg.

The so-called "Freedom Rally" was organized by different pro-choice groups in the Poconos.

"I believe as women we have a voice, and we have to be able to say what we want and what we want to have happen to us," said Dina Hall, Bethlehem.

"At 30 years old in 2022, I should not have to be worried about a childbearing age because I thought it was taken care of by many wonderful activists that came before me," said Adriana Ganci, Delaware Water Gap.

People from The Monroe County Branch of the NAACP, along with members from Women's Resources of Monroe County, were all on-hand to speak to the crowd.

This rally, and many others like it, comes a week after the U.S. Supreme Court confirmed a draft opinion looking to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked.  

The 1973 ruling guaranteed federal abortion rights for women.

Those who came to the rally say this would set women's rights back decades.

"You know it's a women's issue; it's a queer issue; it's a human rights issue. In a lot of ways, this country seems to be going backward," said Ganci.

There were some passersby at the rally who believe it is time to take another look at Roe v. Wade.

Melissa Rodriguez from Stroudsburg is pro-life.

"I believe life is already growing the minute it's inside of you. You wouldn't agree to, when the baby is already here, for someone to kill them being an infant. Why would you agree to it when they are growing inside your body," said Melissa Rodriguez, Stroudsburg.

If the Supreme Court does overturn Roe v. Wade, that would not make abortion illegal.

The decision would be up to each individual state.

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